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Stay in the know with me.

Welcome! This is a place where you can check in for updates or beachin' beauty news.

I'll be posting updates on this blog so that you can visit my website for all things updates, policies, promotions, new products or services, incentive programs, vacation dates and more.

As you well know by now, the best form of communication to reach me is by email. I check it daily and reply within a day (with the exception of weekends and time off). If I notice an urgent inquiry I will reply even when I am outside of working hours.

While I love keeping up with my guests through email, it is not always the best place for me to reach you. I keep after my social media accounts and google account pretty well, but would love for you to know that I plan to update here on the website as well so you can always come to my website for all of your curiosities. You can use the contact form or links to book your appointment or email me. Search the 'What's New' page for any updates that you may have questions about.

Email/Text Updates

I know that sometimes my emails get lost in the junk or promotional folders, so you may not always see them, so when I post a new update here on the website, I would love to let you know through text marketing. I know how annoying it gets though, so I promise it won’t be a frequent occurrence.

Snail Mail

Additionally; I would love to collect your mailing address at your next appointment, if that is alright with you. I’d enjoy being able to send personal thankyous and maybe even birthday gifts and rewards for referrals and loyalty.

Stay Tuned for brief texts when an update is posted to the website.

So much love from your beachin' beautician, Katie Lehman

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