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Custom Highlighting

A service unique to you and your hair's needs. This could be highlights, teasy-lights, babylights, or balayage. Includes the custom gloss, treatment, haircut, and blowout too!

Olaplex treatments are included throughout and after the lightening process so that I can protect and nurture your locks.


A haircut is always included for the health of your hair, even if it only needs a dusting. 

 A custom gloss adjusts the tonality, adds shine, and conditions; all while balancing the hair's PH levels. 

Finally, included in all customized blonding packages; you'll receive a signature Radiant Blowout!

Custom Highlight Packages

Blonding appointments are either to add a few fresh highlights, maintain an existing look, shift gently to brighten the overall look or transform to a fresh new look. 


12 Foils- Faceframe or just a little glow up.   2 hour


Minimal-  Just the most important areas when between maintenance highlights

2hr 30min


Maintenance- Includes standard partial or full highlight retouches that maintain an existing look. Diffuse spaced out highlights over the whole head or Concentrate in primary zones. 3 hour


BrighteningMaximum Impact, Heavy  Full Highlight. Or a standard Maintenance appointment with additional techniques to brighten old highlights as well as touch up the roots. 

3 hour 15min

Transformative- Major changes, Corrective highlighting, Dark to blonde in one or very few sessions. Starts at $275. Additional charges for extra color or time in addition to 3 hours 15min.

I do not offer full bleach-outs

Additional charges only when extra color or extra time is needed. $15/15min or extra bowl. 

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