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Evolution to Radiant in 2024

Great things are happening! New Brand. New Salon. Bright new future illuminating my path as a highlighting and bridal hair styling specialist.

We have been building a new home. I have been hard at work planning and preparing my space for the new salon! Though it is still a work in progress, I am hopeful to open the doors to my business in February!

Here is a look at the exterior of my salon. There is still a driveway to be completed to level out the ramp to the salon entrance. I'm awaiting approval from the State Board of Cosmetology and some Township inspections, but most of the furniture and such is being settled into the new salon space.

So why the name change? Why Radiant?

Radiance is all about shining or glowing; a passion or beauty that can't help but illuminate from within. I know from seeing so many brides preparing for their special day, that radiant is the best way to describe their beauty... inside and out. I have aspired for years to not only enhance hair, but encourage the hearts and souls of my guests. A prophetic word was spoken over my life... "Shine". It doesn't seem like much; just one word. But I have never felt deep down like I'm to be noticed or recognized. I like to stay quiet and under the radar. But I've come to realize that I have much more to give and I am capable of anything because my God is with me and for me.

The scripture from Isaiah was highlighted to me in 2023 and I was shown a grace and a beauty that of angels flowing from within my future salon. I can't help but anticipate beautiful and magical things happening in there.


... YOU SHALL SEE & BE RADIANT, YOUR HEART SHALL THRILL & EXULT, because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you... For the name of The Lord your God, and for The Holy One of Israel, BECAUSE HE HAS MADE YOU BEAUTIFUL.

ISAIAH 60: 1, 5, 9

(Dive into all of Isaiah 60-61 for more)

I can't wait to share more as the salon moves towards opening day. But for now, I plan (Lord willing) to open at the start of February. The new address is 1121 Moulstown Rd N, Hanover, Pa 17331. I have a new email, phone number, website, etc coming in the next few weeks. For the remainder of January I am still working out of The Blowout Bar in Hanover pa. Check out posts on my facebook and instagram for more photos of the evolution of my space and brand.

Eek! I am just so ecstatic! It's just around the corner and I am so happy to share it with you! Please please reach out to me with any possible questions or concerns. My new email is but I do still check my previous email as well.

Happy New Year!

So much love and showers of blessings on you,

Katie Lehman

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