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If you crave exclusive time with a stylist that dedicates her career to bringing blonding to you that keeps you feeling natural, radiant, dimensional, bright, and healthy... look no further! My name is Katie Lehman. I am 29 years young and started passionately pursuing my specialty in bridal styling and customized low maintenance blonding over 10 years ago.

I am meticulous and very intentional in my placement and formulas when blonding and styling. I love what I do and always want to do my very best for you. My work is inspired by radiant natural beauty… sunkissed blondes, tousled curls and effortless braids 

 My independently owned salon, “Salon BeauTiki” was established in 2019. After salon ownership for over two years, I decided to focus on my passion for hair and hearts as I rented a chair in a local salon. I since built a new house with attached salon. I am a calm and gentle stylist with a compassionate heart. I love to hear about all of the good, the funny, the interesting, and the real things happening in your life. You can trust me to customize an experience and service unique to your needs and lifestyle while connecting over life and the love of Jesus. I love to create meaningful hair relationships with the on the go, simplistic, passionately driven women in the community I too support and call home. If you're seeking a first-time appointment with me, jump to the New Guest page and fill out the inquiry form. Brides, jump to the Bridal Styling page for direction. I can't wait to meet you!

Katie's Vision

We may just be best friends if...


You need beach escapes routinely to survive

You support your local officers

Your favorite food is breakfast...

You're an introvert, trying your best to be an extrovert

You love dogs... especially Australian Shepherds

You play or played volleyball

Jesus is at the center of your heart and focus

I enjoy providing an opportunity for the on the go, simplistic, compassionate women of my community to relax in my midst and leave my chair feeling radiant. I strive to enhance the hearts and hair of everyone I get the pleasure to meet. 

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