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In all 10 glorious years of my career, I have never had something happen that prohibits me from doing the job I love. Unfortunately, I must cancel nearly 2 full weeks of appointments. I’ve realized that I just cannot heal if I continue to push through my work schedule.

Several days ago, I fell down a narrow wooden staircase in my house, landing on my lower back and hip. I was unable to get up. I had pain so severe that it caused nausea, dizziness, full body sweats and repeated near loss of consciousness. XRays are clear, but some severe muscle and possibly even nerve damage was done. I was hardly able to walk for a couple of days. I started to feel a bit more mobile and began to only struggle when adjusting positions from lying down to sitting up, to standing, or reaching for things low to the ground.

Since I was starting to get better, I decided to try to return to work after 4 days off. This unfortunately was a step in the wrong direction. My pain has increased again, signifying to me that it is important that I take care of myself and allow myself time off work to truly heal so that I can have a future in my career, family, and overall life.

I am cancelling all standing appointments from July 31- August 13th

This is forced time off that I am struggling to give myself. My body just cannot stand to push through and risk not ever healing properly. I’ve been through a lot lately and this is just the icing on the devil’s cake. So, I plan to rest up and focus back on what God’s plan is for me and what he’s teaching me about rest and trusting him in this season while I pray for miraculous healing. Of course, I hope to see physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors in the meantime as well. I hope that this time will restore me to health in a long career to come.

My schedule is nearly full in the weeks to follow my return to work,

Plan for re-schedule dates in mid-September.

I understand that this is a stretch for most of you, and my body cannot handle squeezing guests into long workdays and strenuous weeks. So, What now?

· Online Booking is Temporarily Closed, but will resume once these notices go out

· I’m Prioritizing these rebookings before I accept any new bookings

· I’ll offer an opening if I have means to do so

· Or you can peek at online openings when that reopens

· You may want to consider a very simplified version of your service to get by this time

· I’m happy to recommend other trusted colleagues to bridge the gap until next time

Seeing one of my trusted colleagues or even someone else that you trust in the meantime may be just what the doctor ordered. This will help alleviate the stress of all the guests trying to get scheduled in September. I want to do everything I can to assist you without directly harming myself.

Here’s a list of stylists I consider colleagues and friends that may be able to assist with your next appointment. I’ll reach out to them to let them know my circumstances and hopefully they’ll be willing and able to help out as their schedules allow.

The girls at the blowout bar: Chelsi Groft, Julianne Morris, and Megan Doan. These gals are wonderful, though I know their books are very full. It may be worth reaching out to see if any of them could see you in the interim. Text/Call 717-688-3231

Joy Shrader. Gosh, I love this girl. She and I have gotten closer lately. She owns Colour & Co. (also in downtown Hanover). She is a fellow God-honoring Christian woman owning her own salon and doing expert work!

Lacey Eisenhart. Lacey is the sweetest! She is my favorite lady to see about getting my own hair done when I splurge and don’t just do my own hair. Her business is called Lacey Locks. Just a few blocks down from the Blowout Bar.

Alexandria Lopez. This is one of my go-to bridal girls that I scoop up to help out with bridal styling. But she is a natural at cuts colors and highlights! A few of my clients have been to see her and have loved her work and personality. She owns her own at home hair studio!

Sarah Mailey. Sarah and I worked together for about 4 years in Gettysburg. She has a business called Salt and works out of the Gettysburg Salon Suites. She is just as meticulous as I am!

Now I don’t personally know the girls at these 2 salons, but I do know that I’ve heard wonderful things!

Hanover: Levity Salon

Gettysburg: Meraki Salon & Spa

To my Brides… I still got you! I will always push through anything for a bride on her wedding day. I can’t wait to make you feel so beautiful.

Warning: You may end up seriously loving any one of these gals. And that is totally okay. I’m not concerned about losing my dear clients, I just want you to be taken care of and happy.

Thanks so much for your understanding. I appreciate you more than you know and cannot wait to be fully healed and ready to serve again!

So much love from your Beachin’ Beautician,

Katie Lehman

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