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Seasonal Shifts for my Blondies


A fall glow is all you need

You don't have to go dark to make a seasonal shift. Depth or warmth can be added in so many varying ways.

I'll never put permanent hair color in my blondies' hair during a seasonal shift


Because it will cause banding and unwanted warmth that lingers well into spring and summer when you've moved on from the depth and warmth of the seasonal trends. Demi-Permanent will give you the change you seek without the long term commitment of permanent hair color. Permanent dye molecules will never fully leave your hair, it changes it until it's cut out.


I nearly always do highlights and blonding on my guests, but lowlighting can be so powerful in the fall and winter seasons. Lowlights can be paired with highlights or simply placed in the midst of previously highlighted locks. They are applied using the same techniques as when highlighting (foiled or hand painted). This is why it will still be regarded as a custom blonding when scheduling and pricing. Some people believe that lowlights have to be dark. While they can be, lowlights can also be the same level as your natural hair or anything darker than the blonde in your hair. These formulas can be rich in warmth or cool and ashy. They can also be used to match the natural root in your hair so it looks more grown in and less heavily highlighted. No need to go to the dark side. The possibilities really are endless! And that's not all...

Color Melts, Root Melts, Root Taps

Color melts, Root taps, and Root melts are all forms of pulling natural rooted depth from the root area down into the desired zone of your blonde. Color melts transition from one color into another and are often blended with lowlights of some kind. Root Melts and Root Taps are very similar but root melts stretch further down the hair strand while root taps are just a little depth to blend foils right at the root. Again, these colors are never permanent and do not have to be very dark. I can formulate an opaque or translucent formula. Both are beautiful but create different looks. I can help judge that based upon inspiration photos and your preferences.


When glossing, just know that the possibilities are quite literally endless. I customize this entirely to you. We can choose to go darker, warmer, cooler, beige, ashy, icy, matte, buttery, champagne. Glossing enhances the tone in the hair and gives it a soft look and an even softer feel. It is made to balance the PH of your hair strands, sealing the cuticle to smooth and condition your locks. You won't want to skip glossing ever again once you start!

Look up "fall blonde hair" or something similar on Pinterest. Bring some inspiration photos or tell me what you're thinking and we can find the best fit for you! I can't wait to shift your blonde locks into some fall feels without sacrificing your brightness.

So much love from your Beachin' Beautician

Katie Lehman

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