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Important Updates: March 2023

It’s March! Whoa. This year is already flying by. I have a series of updates regarding the salon below. I also have a few updates on the life of yours truly!

I tried to highlight the most important pieces, but I encourage you to take a moment to read through it all.

My hours are shifting my friend!

I will soon be offering Monday appointments. Corresponding with bridal inquiries and planning for their special days’ takes a good portion of my time. I so love doing it, but my hours in salon will be reduced a bit to accommodate for that. I can’t risk burning out and not being of any service at all to you anymore. All appointments already scheduled will remain as is.

Coming soon…

Monday & Wednesday 9:00-3:00

Tuesday 12:00-8:00

Friday 11:00-7:00

Saturdays are very limited and cannot be booked online anymore (see notice below)

This is a reminder that I am not accepting any new evening/weekend guests or haircut-only guests. You are welcome to book a cut along with a customized blonding service, treatment, or blowout. I am happy to maintain my current clientele in regards to haircuts, but will not accept any new. I am so grateful for you and am happy that you want to send your friends and family my way. I am at full capacity for guests that require evening or weekend openings, so be sure to let your friends know this if you refer them to me. I am growing in such a way that I will be a specialized stylist. My favorite things to do are sunkissed balayage & highlights, bridal styling, blowouts, and healthy low maintenance cuts and treatments.

Along with this reminder about my shift to specializing in specific services, I want to bring to your attention that Bridal season is upon us! Starting now, Saturdays will no longer be available to online booking. Please know that I am working as many Saturdays as I can, but my priority is the Bridal Styling. This is where my love for hair started and it is where I intend to pour my focus. If you are needing a Saturday appointment, I will still be working 1-2 Saturdays a month in the salon and if you wish to land on one of those dates available, please email me directly so I can notify you of any Saturday openings coming up. Be warned, Saturdays can be very high in demand so be proactive in letting me know. I cannot make any promises, but I always do my best to accommodate you.

There is no longer a (phone) land-line at the salon. The salon cell phone number is 717-472-0591. You may text or call. This phone is in (owner) Chelsi’s possession. She checks it daily and keeps the rest of the stylists in the loop.

I am officially a listed bridal hair styling business on the Knot and Wedding Wire! If you know someone getting married in the near future, extend an invite to them to check out my website or listings on these pages.

Huge shoutout of congratulations to the March Bride I’ll have the pleasure of styling , Denise! You are a delight to work with and I cannot wait to kick off the season with you and your gang of gals!

Coming up in my personal life:

I get baptized this month y’all! March 19th, I’m counting down the days until I can come up out of the water a new woman changed and marked by Christ. I’ve been living for Him for some time now, but I am taking a step of faith to symbolize who I serve and my belonging to the family of God.

I serve as a volunteer every Wednesday evening with Tribes Youth Group at Providence Community Church. It has been a blessing to touch these teenagers’ lives. I’ve been serving since November and look forward to growing and connecting in relationships at my church.

We are working to acquire building permits and lending for the start of our journey building our home on our current lot that we live on. We are hopeful that we can start the build by May First!

My family is taking a trip to Hawaii April 1-9. Please know that I will be out of the salon and will check emails upon returning to Pennsylvania. I’ll be sure to remind you of this in the April update.

So many updates... I cannot wait to see how many blessings come out of these changes and upcoming events.

As always ... so much love from your Beachin' Beautician,

Katie Lehman

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