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Renew Treatment


The Renew Treatment is the perfect balance!

First, we remove the build up that forms from minerals in our water, the pollution in the environment, and styling products. Applied on damp hair, phase one of this treatment is evenly distributed through your hair and then you get to relax for 10 minutes under the heat lamp.

Phase one is then shampooed out with a special clarifier.

Next we get to fill your hair with all of the proteins, oils and good stuff to deep condition your hair. This treatment lasts for 12 washes, leaving your hair shiny and fresh! This part of the treatment is applied on towel dried hair and again placed under the heat lamps for 15 minutes!

You'll be so addicted to the look and feel of your natural hair that you won't want to book a haircut without the renew treatment anymore!!

This June and July, save $15 when you book ahead for your Renew Treatment!! I can't wait to renew you with additional health and shine for your hair.

So Much Love from your beachin' beautician,

Katie Lehman

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