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My Maternity Leave

When is the baby due? When am I going on leave? When will I return? What can you do and who can you see in the meantime?

I wish I had some cute maternity photos to share with you all here, but I am slacking on that. Hoping to post some to my social media for you all soon. I am posting this update 3 months before my due date, so that you can plan accordingly.

My Maternity Leave:

I am so excited and maybe a little nervous about the arrival of my baby girl! She is due in mid September. I'll be 40weeks on September 23rd. My 30th Birthday is September 3rd. And... my 3rd Wedding Anniversary is September 18th! What a month..!

My planned last work week is Labor Day week. I plan to work the 4th-7th.

With a planned 3-month Maternity Leave taking me up until Christmas, my return date will be in Early January.

It is so difficult for me to step away from you all for that long, I can't even imagine it... but I know that I will never get this intimate time with my baby back so I'll be soaking it all up. I'll hopefully get little moments of rest amongst the whirlwind of emotions in learning to embrace this brand new lifestyle. I've always known I wanted to be a momma someday, and the day is rapidly approaching. 

Weddings During this season:

I have made a few exceptions: for BRIDES ONLY. I have several brides scheduled this fall/winter season so I will get a small taste of returning to work and allowing someone else to watch the lil babe. 

If I decide to come back any sooner for in-salon appointments, I will be sure to let you know. But I hope that you'll understand my need to step away for this season of growth. 

My Return:

I will share my specific days/ schedule upon returning as I get that settled. I hope to find a rhythm with my mother and mother in law helping to watch my baby a couple of days a week consistently so that I can return to work, but I'm unsure exactly what days that will be yet. 

In The Meantime: 

I’m sharing a list of stylists that you can contact in order to schedule for any hair needs in my time away. Some of these stylists I know personally. Others are the direct recommendations of who my trusted stylists would trust. So whether direct or indirect, these are all such incredible stylists. I hope that you look into a few of them and reach out sooner rather than later about scheduling something for the September-December season. I book out 6-8 weeks for those with specific scheduling needs as I’m sure most of these ladies do too. So I encourage you to get ahead. 

If you come to love your interim stylist, I will be nothing but happy and supportive of your new found connection to another lovely stylist. Please know that with my more limited schedule as a momma, I’ll understand entirely if you do not return and choose to remain with who took care of you during this time. I would be happy to see you again even in another season too. 

Recommended Stylists for the Interim:

Here are some remarkable stylists in this general area. I hope that you find someone to pamper you while I’m away!

Emily Lehigh 

Works at Iris House in New Oxford Pa. 

Flexible schedule Tuesday-Saturday

Best ways to reach her: Instagram messenger or text.


Chrissy Ellis

Works at Iris House in New Oxford Pa.

Flexible hours Monday-Friday

Best ways to reach her: Instagram messenger or text.



Sarah Mailey

Opening her new salon locations in July! Was at the Salon Suites in Gettysburg

New salon will be at 101 W  Middle Street in Gettysburg Pa

Standard hours are Tuesday-Saturday

Online booking and website:

Text 717-321-6434

Joy Shrader

Owns a Sola Suite in Camp Hill called 5:22 Hair Lab

Works Friday,Saturday, Sunday (Weekends only)

Best way to contact: Facebook page messenger - 5:22 Hair Lab

Online booking on her website is closed for now, but she has welcomed messages from my clients.

Lorae Fidler

Works in Gettysburg as part owner of a small salon. 

Instagram Messenger- @the.violet.hairwitch

Gettysburg Meraki Salon

Call the salon or book online to schedule.

2 Recommended stylists to ask for:

Kate- @hairpins.andneedles

Morgan Keller- @morgskeller

Julianne Morris

Formerly worked at the Blowout Bar with me, Now owns the same location under a new name(as of July), Harlen Hair Company



Also working at the same salon/barber shop location (Harlen Hair Company):

Joshua Bleich


I may continue to add more to this list as I hear confirmation from more stylists willing to help out. I have 5 more girls currently on a list that I haven’t heard a reply from and wouldn’t want to suggest until I’ve confirmed that they are available to assist in this season. So feel free to check back at another time as well here on my website under the Updates tab.

Thank you so much for your support as I begin on this new journey of motherhood! I've loved every memory and visit with you and hope to see you again after the leave!

So Much Love and Blessings,

Katie Lehman

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Congratulations!!!! I just came across your site looking for someone to do hair for my daughters wedding. I’m not sure your availability, but if your open to doing her hair on Oct 26 we would love to have you and any recommendations for someone to do the rest of the bridal party, 4 bridesmaids, MOB, MOG (oh and of course you could bring your new bundle of joy 😇) The soon to be bride actually worked for years in child care at Lifetime Fitness in MN and came home often telling me about her day with “her littles”. I love ❤️ your Bible verses on your website, this is also Christian wedding (with 2 young excited love birds 😉) a…

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