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Life & Salon Updates!

Big News!! I am expecting a baby GIRL in September!

I'm already 22 weeks pregnant, so I am over half way and cruising through the 2nd trimester. I'll need to work a few less hours per week as I get closer to my due date. My final week of bookings will be right around labor day. More to come for what to expect of my maternity leave coming soon.

Salon Updates: New Blonding Variations, Pricing, Schedule Updates, & Vacations.

I'm settled into the new house and new salon. Opening day was February 12th, so 3 months have already come and gone. Time is flying.

The pups are back to working with me in the salon. Kona tends to bark any time someone comes through the door but she is scared, so just take your time allowing her to warm up to you... she is a true lover when she settles in with you.

I am a member of Green Circle Salon Waste Management. I am a part of a program that allows me to recycle all of the hair foils, gloves, plastic caps, hair, plastic, empty aerosol cans, and even properly dispose of excess hair color. It is so cool to hear about the ways that they are able to reuse these items. My favorite is that they make bicycles out of the hair foils!

Pricing & Service Variations have shifted a month or two ago, but just to take a moment to clarify these things...

New Blonding Variations!

Minimal, Maintenance, Balancing, and Brightening. More on this on my website. But Long story short, this just better explains the result of the service selection. Minimal is just what you need to get by. Maintenance is similar to a traditional partial or a scattered full highlight root maintenance appointment. Brightening is when you overall want heavier coverage or brightened up ends and overall brighter result. Balancing is a combo of highlights and lowlights. All of these custom highlight services are accompanied by an Olaplex treament, Custom Gloss, Haircut, and Blowout! It is so important that we take care of the overall health of your hair and keeping those ends fresh with every service.


A price shift including a small price increase has affected most services as the menu has adjusted. Pricing of all things increases slightly year after year. I know that we all feel the heaviness of the economy so I've really tried to keep things as affordable as I am able to. With a cleaner, calmer atmosphere an increase in demand on my time and new luxuries I've raised prices slightly. Along with this, I am able to provide more for my blonding clients and a stronger focus on my Custom Highlights and Bridal Styling.


Both sides of my family managed to book vacations less than a week apart so July is a little chaotic. I'm not complaining because I love the beach, but it's not exactly convenient...

I'll be out of town July 13-20 and July 26- August 3rd. (with the exception of brides that I'll surely be back for)

A Glance at the Schedule

I currently am fully booked for color or highlight until July. The week of the 4th I have a few openings and the week of July 21 I also have a few openings. Aside from this, I have availability in August yet as I await the arrival of my baby girl! Haircuts are a bit easier to squeeze in, but spaces are still very limited until Mid July. If you would like to be added to a list for cancellation openings, let me know.

Saturdays are remaining exclusive to Bridal hairstyling. I have 30 Brides on the books this year so the only Saturdays I have off are the ones I'm out of town for.

I hope to see you at the salon soon! Enjoy the beautiful weather and have such a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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