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Time for a January Refresh

January is all about the simple refresh. Let's reconnect on your hair goals. Let's make the simple shifts to help you shine til it's time for the spring-time pick me up!

It's a bit too early to start going brighter for spring, but we have made it past the holidays and it's time to consider your hair goals and how to best keep your hair healthy through a dry season of the year. Likely, your winter appointments will be a bit more simplistic. I recommend this time of year adding a conditioning treatment to your next haircut or scheduling for basic services like a mini (hairline) highlight or a custom gloss. These things will connect the dots to your spring highlight appointments.

When you come in for your next winter season appointment, I'd love to have some purposeful convo about things like this:

Are there any milestone events going on this year?

Are you happy with your hair?

Are you desiring to blend more to your natural haircolor?

Are you desiring a brighter look?

Are you needing a lower maintenance look?

Do you have any concerns with your hair's health or overall look?

Are you struggling with dry ends or a dry flaky scalp?

Would you benefit from some styling tips and tricks?

Are you finding joy in the products you use on your hair?

Do you need to find the most budget friendly scheduling habits?

I look forward to connecting with you on what's new in your life as well as what's new with your hair goals and needs. I can't wait to give you a fresh download of what's in your best hair interest based on our conversations.

So much Love from your Beachin' Beautician,

Katie Lehman

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