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Booking & Cancellation Policies

Updated: May 20, 2022

I know you're pretty tech savvy but I just want to touch base on my policies and keep you in the clear of any late cancellation fees.


My salon hours are by appointment only. I strongly recommend that you book your appointments a few weeks in advance. With a flexible schedule and afternoon availability, same week appointments may be available. If you are booking around vacations, events, or holidays be mindful of this and book as far in advance as you are comfortable.

Online Booking

If you have questions concerning what service to book for, please email me or fill in the contact form on my 'let's chat' page of the website. Most services are explained on the website and the booking page. Links to book are on many of the pages of this website, including the homepage. You'll be prompted to add a credit card in order to book. You do not need to use this card when your service is completed and this card will not be charged in advance. This card will only be accessed if you break the cancellation policy listed on the website, booking page, and in this blog post. Once you submit your appointment scheduling request, it is not yet official. I will need to accept the appointment. You will receive another notification when that occurs.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours is required when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. If you do not show to an appointment or cancel on short notice, you are responsible for paying 50% of your scheduled service cost. The card on your account will be charged. In the event that the card is expired or can no longer be accessed by me, you will receive an invoice to pay. Please note that no further appointments can be scheduled until this is paid.

I am understanding of weather, emergencies and illness. I absolutely appreciate it when you simply want to protect me from any sickness you may be enduring. I just ask that you give 24 hours notice and reschedule if you believe it will affect your appointment time.

What it means to have an appointment

Please remember that your appointment signifies time in my schedule that is held exclusively for you. Without proper notice of cancellation, I am unable to optimize my schedule, replace my lost income, or allow another guest the opportunity to come see me.

Remember to please notify me directly via email if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

So much love from your beachin' beautician ,

Katie Lehman

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